Pressure washers to clean everything better

Sometimes it happens that normal washers can’t really clean up each single part of specific tools you use for your hobby, work or gardening activities. Actually, big engines or machines are particularly hard to hand clean without the help of … Continue reading

How To Pick The Best Pressure Washer Hose

How To Pick The Best Pressure Washer Hose Pressure washer hoses tend to wear out due to continuous usage; fixing them might work temporarily, but on the long run you will eventually need to get a new one. If you … Continue reading

Thousands lights beyond the windows

In some cases hand washing is not enough. This is something that we all can experience in our daily life. For example, if we have to wash our truck and we don’t have too much time to spend in this … Continue reading

The Thrill of Better Tools

There are all sorts of products that have been designed and built for special purposes — like our pressure washers — but before the Internet they remained in yet to be discovered. What a shame that past situation was, when … Continue reading

Our Pressure Washers Give You More Spare Time

When was the last time you struggled to clean all of the dirt on your porch or car during a hot summer afternoon instead of spending it at the swimming pool or relaxing¬†inside your living room while savoring your refreshing … Continue reading

online retailer

As an online retailer, it’s important to be as ahead of the game as you can be when it comes to selling to customers. With literally hundreds of other e-commerce businesses, not to mention sites like Amazon, eBay and Not … Continue reading

Tips To Buying A Pressure Washer

Tips To Buying A Pressure Washer Buying pressure washer to cater to your cleaning needs is not as simple as you might think it is, if you want to get one that does the job right. Most people make the … Continue reading

New Service for Our Customers

New Service for Our Customers Pressure-Pro, Inc. is excited to announce a new service for our customers: emailed and¬† faxed order confirmations, invoices, and statements. By moving away from paper-based communications to email and fax communications we can now offer: … Continue reading

Welcome To Our New Site

Welcome To Our New Site Pressure-Pro is proud to announce our completely redesigned website. Our new site, built by our partners at Web Solutions of America was created from the ground up to make it easy for our visitors to … Continue reading

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