US HPW business goes to Israel

Pressure-Pro pressure washers have both been sold in US and international pressure washing markets, including Israel. At the invitation of our dealer in Israel, Jimmy Welch, R&D Manager in the US HPW business traveled to Israel to study a unique industrial application at Algatechologies, a company that has developed a way to mass-produce microalgae in the Arava desert north of Eilat.

Microalgae are used in the pharma industry in for example capsules and in the food industry in dry drink mixes. Algatechnologies’ process to grow microalgae involves using the hot, natural sunlight to heat fluid running through glass tube closed reactors.

The company had issues with their cooling water supply causing calcium build-up on the outer surface of the glass tubes, obstructing the sunlight penetration. The calcium needed to be removed for effective sunlight saturation.

How Pressure-Pro equipment did the job
To begin with, a foamer was used to apply detergent to start breaking down the calcium. Then the Pressure-Pro pressure washers were used. Starting with a 7000 PSI (a unit of pressure, “pounds per square inch”) cold water and 5000 PSI hot water pressure washer used at about 12 inches away from the surface, but we had to be careful of the rubber connectors between the glass tubes.

To clean near the rubber connectors, a 4,000 PSI cold water pressure washer with the nozzle 6 to 8 inches away from the surface was used, meaning less flow and pressure but a closer distance with about the same impact. Algatechnologies approved the cleaning project.
[Cleaning of calcium with Pressure-Pro equipment]


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