pro carts skids

Pro Carts & Skids

Aircraft Aluminum Carts
Light Weight
Disipates Heat
Doesn’t Rust Chem.

ImagePart #Description
Eagle Direct Drive Carts
KCA008E10" x 16" Direct Cart, No Rear Handle
KCA00810" x 16" Direct Cart, W/Rear Handle
KCA00910" x 16" Direct Cart, W/Gun & Hose Rack
KCA03010" x 20" Direct
KCA03110" x 20" Direct Cart, W/Gun & Hose Rack
KCA032SS 10" x 20" Direct Cart
KCA04010" x 24" Gear Cart
KCA04110" x 24" Gear Cart, W/Gun & Hose Rack
KCA10010" x 20" Rollcage Cart W/Hose Reel Plate
Eagle Belt Carts
KCA06010" x 20" Eagle Belt Cart, 10" Wheels
KCA06110" x 20" Eagle Belt Cart, 11" Wheels, Double Rubber Feet
KCA06210" x 20" V Belt Cart, 5-6.5 HP, 11" tires, rear handle
KCA06310" x 24 3/4"" V Belt Cart, 16-24 HP, 11" Tires
KCA07010" x 20" 12 ga. Stainless Steel V Belt Cart 5-13 hp
KHC001Hand Carry Frame (Small)
KHC002Hand Carry Frame (Large)
RHK001Hose Reel Hardware Kit, (Bolts, Washers & Nylock Nuts)
KCA07510" x 16" Direct Skid, with (4) angle feet
KCA06410" x 20" Belt Skid, 5-13 hp, with (4) angle feet
KCA07610" x 20" Direct Skid, with (4) angle feet
KCA07710" x 24" Direct Skid, with (4) angle feet
KCA08716" x 24" Powder Coated Skid, (Less Belt Cover), (4) Feet
Powdercoated, Polychain Carts
KCA08016" x 24" Polychain Cart, (Less Belt Cover)
KCA08116" x 24" Polychain Cart, (3 3/4" Belt Cover)
KCA0853 3/4" Wide Belt Cover, with Hardware
KCA0863" Wide Belt Cover, with Hardware
Eagle Cart Parts
17-47247Axle End Caps, 3/4"
PP3304H/211" Wheel & Tire Assy., 11:00 x 4 x 4
PP8702H/210" Wheel & Tire Assy., 4:10 x 3.50 x 4
BR58BB5/8" Wheel Bearing
BR34SW3/4" Wheel Bearing
6132 1/2" Rubber Foot, Black
28601/8" Rubber Grommet, for thin Tip Holder
27603/16" Rubber Grommet, for Cart Base
27753/16" Rubber Grommet, for 4 Wheel Hot Water
1439DLong Handle for small Cart (10" x 16") 5-6.5 hp
1433DLong Handle for Eagle Cart, (10' x 20") 8-13 hp
1431D10" x 20" Alum. Base
1434DShort Handle for Eagle Carts
1467DFoot Bracket for Eagle Carts
1213Foot, Angle, for aluminum skid
1230Nozzle Holder, Universal
1315Universal Battery Holder, (Red)
1252Hose Holder (1457)
225-029Bushing (Belt Cart Axle)
235-069Bolt (Cart Foot)
9065-1Box, Battery, Large (GP24), W/Lid & Strap
9082-1Box, Battery, Small (Small Tractor Battery), W/Lid & Strap
HHK001Hose Hanger Kit, Fits all 10" wide carts
GHK100Gun Hanger Kit, Universal

Ready to Work - Fully Tested and Assembled in the USA