cat unloaders

Cat Unloaders


Part #GPMPressure range PSIInletOutletBy-PassMax TempShip Wght. Oz.
7600S2.0-5.0700-35003/8" NPT-M3/8" NPT-M3/8" NPT-F160° F21.4
7500XS0.5-6.0100-20003/8" NPT-M3/8" NPT-M1/4" Barb160° F14
KPL056Unloader plumbing kit for 2SF and 2SFX pumps. (Unloader, Thermo, Garden Hose Inlet Fitting, HP Hose Plug)
KPL308PULSAR3KHPEZ, 3/8" HP Hex Nipple, 2 Hose Barbs, 3/8" HP Female x Male 45° Elbow,
3/8" Bypass Hose, 1/2" Thermal, 1/2" Hex Nipple, 1/2" Brass Tee, 1/2" male pipe x Garden Hose inlet.
KPL311PULSAR3KHPEZ, 3/8" HP Hex Nipple, 2 Hose Barbs, 3/8" Bypass Hose
1/2" Thermal, 1/2" male pipe x Duraview Filter with Dual 1/4" bypasses, 3/8" Male Plug.
200 261 50080-36003/8 " NPT-F3/8 " NPT-F3/8 "176°F22.5

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