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Pump Accessories

Part #Max PSIMax GPMRelief Temp ° FInletBleed Port
Thermal Relief Valve
100558200-1451/2” M1/4" Pipe
100557200-1453/8” M1/4" Pipe
100556200-1451/4” M1/4" Pipe
1006802001901/2" M1/4" Barb
1006792001903/8" M1/4" Barb
7177CAT1901/2" M1/4" NPTF
Easy Start Valve
YESTVALVE36507.8176°3/8" NPT-M1/4" Hose Barb
10032350008195° F3/8" NPT-M1/4" Hose Barb
Safety Release Valve
22568-46005000101401/4" NPT-MEnd
22533A-46005000101403/8" NPT-MEnd
ZKS310,0002.6-21.4284° F1/2" BSP-MSide
021500021035008200° F(2) 1/4" NPT-FBottom
Part #Description
Threaded Valve Cap
AR1260162-TThreaded Valve Cap, (XT, XM series: 1/4” NPT TAP Brass)
AR960090TThreaded Valve Cap, (RK series: 1/4” TAP Brass)
AR1941970Threaded Valve Cap, (XW series: 1/4” NPT TAP Brass)
Jetter ValveValve Disabler/Pulse Valve with Adjustable Lever
AR40235XT, XM: pump valve disabler 3,000 PSI
AR40161RK: pump valve disabler 3,000 PSI
AR40236XW: pump valve disabler 3,000 PSI
100315Use with TT Pumps (Replaces Valve Cap)
100316Use with EZ Pumps (Replaces Valve Cap)
MB-3838Maniflod Block, 3/8" x 3/8"
MB-5050Manifold Block, 1/2" x 1/2"

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