pressure washers

Cut your cleaning time drastically by harnessing the cleaning power of a Pressure-Pro hot water pressure washer! Our machines feature rugged industrial-grade powder coated steel frames, schedule 80 heating coils, stainless steel coil wrappers, reliable Beckett oil burners, and are available in direct, v-belt or poly chain belt driven AR, General, or CAT Pumps.

Offering up to 8 gallons per minute and up to 4000 PSI our machines can heat water up to 200 degrees F and are available in 2 or 4 wheel portable, heavy-duty skid, or trailer mounted models. You know you're buying quality when you buy Pressure-Pro: all of our machines are powered by our industry's top brand name components, Honda, Subaru, Kohler, Marathon, and Baldor and EVERY machine is assembled with pride in the USA and tested before leaving our factory.

Most pressure washers utilize water that can be taken directly from a garden hose. These types of washers are considered cold water units and combine cleaning solution and water to remove dirt and other debris. Professional contractors, the ones that do this for a living, value their time and will often utilize hot water for all of their jobs. Hot water can remove grease, finishes, paint, and more. With these types of jobs hot water will often cut the job completion time down and allow contractors to do more in less time.

When you buy a Pressure-Pro hot water pressure washer you know it's "Ready To Work"!

Ready to Work - Fully Tested and Assembled in the USA