eagle series electric v belt

MODEL(S): EB4030E1G402, EB4020E3CP402

Eagle Series Electric, V-Belt

Electric Engine, V-Belt Drive

Part#GPMPSIHPVolts/Phase/AmpsPumpSpec Sheet
EB4020E1G4024.0 20005.0230V/1PH/25AGP
EB4020E3A4024.0 20005.0230V/3PH/12AAR
EB4020E3G4024.0 20005.0230V/3PH/12AGP
EB4030E1A4024.0 30007.5230V/1PH/33AAR
EB4030E1CP4024.0 30007.5230V/1PH/33ACAT
EB4030E1G4024.0 30007.5230V/1PH/33AGP
EB4030E3A4024.0 30007.5230V/3PH/17AAR
EB4030E3CP4024.0 30007.5230V/3PH/17ACAT
EB4030E3G4024.0 30007.5230V/3PH/17AGP
EB4035E1A4024.0 350010.0230V/1PH/40AAR
EB4035E1CP4024.0 350010.0230V/1PH/40ACAT
EB4035E3A4024.0 350010.0230V/3PH/23AAR
EB4035E3CP4024.0 350010.0230V/3PH/23ACAT
EB4035E3G4024.0 350010.0230V/3PH/23AGP
EB3540E1A4023.5 400010.0230V/1PH/40AAR
EB3540E3A4023.5 400010.0230V/3PH/23AAR


  • Revolutionary aircraft grade aluminum frame with dual handles (no welds to fail)
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Choice of reliable AR, CAT and General pumps
  • 3VX belt system offers balanced power transfer
  • 50 mesh inlet water filter
  • Adjustable pressure unloader
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Dual padded shock absorbing feet
  • 3/4″ cold-rolled steel threaded axle
  • Low speed pump and thermo-sensor (prevents overheating in bypass mode)
  • TEFC Commercial/Industrial motors
  • Heavy duty motor controls in NEMA enclosure w/12′ power cord (no GFCI or plug)

NOTE: All units are completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate. 


  • Gun/wand assembly w/quick connects
  • 50′ high pressure hose w/quick connects
  • Chemical injector assembly w/quick connects
  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
  • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle


Powder Coated Steel Skid Mount – Precede model with S/
Example: S/EB4035E3G302

Block Mounted k7 Unloader
3500 PSI max

  • Auto Start/Stop (230V)
  • Auto Start/Stop w/ time delay-consult factory

460V available-consult factory

NOTE: Review specs for models with Auto Start/Stop options as these units are custom made and both NONCANCELABLE & NONRETURNABLE

Ready to Work - Fully Tested and Assembled in the USA