hdc diesel series


HDC Diesel Series

HDC Diesel Series

Part#GPMPSIModel/BrandPump Spec Sheet
2-CylinderWater Cooled Models
HDCV8030KDG8.03000Z602B1 KubotaGP
HDCV8030KLDG8.03000KDW702 KohlerGP
HDCV5535KDG5.5 3500Z602B1 KubotaHP
HDCV5535KLDG5.5 3500KDW702 KohlerHP
HDCV5040KDA5.0 4000Z602B1 KubotaAR
HDCV5040KLDA5.0 4000KDW702 KohlerAR
3-CylinderWater Cooled Models
HDCV1030KDG10.0 3000DH902B1 KubotaGP
HDCV1030KLDG10.0 3000KDW1003 KohlerGP
HDCV8035KDA8.0 3500DH902B1 KubotaAR
HDCV8035KLDA8.0 3500KDW1003 KohlerAR
HDCV8040KDG8.0 4000DH902B1 KubotaHP
HDCV8040KLDG8.0 4000KDW1003 KohlerHP
HDCV5550KDG5.5 5000DH902B1 KubotaGP
HDCV5550KLDG5.5 5000KDW1003 KohlerGP
HDCV4560KDG4.5 6000DH902B1 KubotaGP
HDCV4560KLDG4.5 6000KDW1003 KohlerGP
HDCV4070KDA4.0 7000DH902B1 KubotaAR
HDCV4070KLDA4.0 7000KDW1003 KohlerAR
HDCV4070KDG4.0 7000DH902B1 KubotaGP
HDCV4070KLDG4.0 7000KDW1003 KohlerGP
4-CylinderWater Cooled Models
HDCV6070KDA6.0 7000V1505TB1 KubotaAR


  • Rugged powder coated steel frame w/ fork lift channels
  • Removable roll cage w/ lifting hooks Dimensions: 47”L x 41”W x 48”H
  • On board 12 gallon poly fuel tank
  • Full sized battery w/ marine battery box
  • Skid mount or portable
  • Commercial/Industrial diesel engines
  • Engine and pump oil drains offer easy maintenance
  • V-belt drive
  • Adjustable pressure unloader
  • Many flow rates and pressures available

NOTE: All units are completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate. 


  • Gun/wand assembly w/quick connects
  • Tank feed plumbing
  • 50’ high pressure hose w/quick connects
  • Maxi-Flo 20% chemical injector assembly w/ quick connects
  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
  • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle

NOTE: Chemical injector & nozzle are not included on 5000, 6000 & 7000 PSI units (See Available Options).


  • PKW004-C Wheel Kit w/ Handle Assembly
  • ACI5000 5000 PSI Chemical Injector Assembly
  • ACI6000 6000 PSI Chemical Injector Assembly
  • Jetter Valve Kit – Call factory for price & availability.

NOTE: Portable units come with bypass plumbing.

Ready to Work - Fully Tested and Assembled in the USA