pro skid pressure washers

MODEL(S): TS/VB4040HG431, TS/D4040HG431

Pro-Skid Series

Gas Engine

Part#GPMPSIModel/BrandPumpSpec Sheet
TS/D3024HG4323.02400GX160 HondaGP Direct Drive
TS/D3027HG4323.02700GX200 HondaGP Direct Drive
TS/D3032HG4313.03200GX270 HondaGP Direct Drive
TS/D4040HA4314.04000GX390 HondaAR Direct Drive
TS/D4040HG4314.04000GX390 HondaGP Direct Drive
TS/VB4040HG4314.04000GX390 HondaHP V-Belt Drive
TS/VB5535HGEA431 5.53500GX630 HondaHP V-Belt Drive


Pro-Skid units can be combined with various cold water pump/engine units to achieve a “Totally Self Contained” 100 or 200 gallon tank feed system. Available pressures of 2400 PSI to 4000 PSI and flow rates up to 10 GPM in belt, gear, and direct drive configurations. Add the tank/skid model with desired equipment options listed to design a custom Honda powered unit built to your specifications. All skids are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum which are chemical resistant and rustproof. All units feature adjustable pressure unloader valve. These skid units mount quickly and securely into truck beds, trailers or other vehicles.

NOTE: All 100 gallon units are factory assembled (200 gallon units require minor assembly)


AST-100 with AHR250
39″W x 62″L x 44″H
39″W x 62″L x 31″H (w/o hose reel)

AST-200 with AHR250
49˝ W x 62˝ L x 53˝ H
49˝ W x 62˝ L x 40˝ H (w/o hose reel)

Call factory for more configurations.

NOTE: All units are completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate. 


  • Gun/wand assembly w/ quick connects
  • 50′ high pressure hose w/ quick connects
  • Chemical injector assembly w/ quick connects
  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
  • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle

NOTE: All 100 gallon units are factory assembled (200 gallon units require minor assembly)

GX630 Model comes with remote 6 gallon poly fuel tank- Non Carb Evaporative Compliant-Not for sale to California-See Options for California compliant upgrade.


ASR100– Aluminum Hose Reel Support Assembly with Mounting Hardware

KBP100– Tank Feed Unloader Bypass Return and Hose Assembly

KTF100– Float Valve Assembly – (shuts water off when tank is full)

KTD075- Tank Drain, 3/4″

LWS100- Low Water Shutdown – (shuts engine off when water level is low)

AST050– 50 Gallon Tank, Bands, Aluminum Skid, and Inlet Plumbing

AST100– 100 Gallon Tank, Bands, Aluminum Skid, and Inlet Plumbing

AST200– 200 Gallon Tank, Bands, Aluminum Skid, and Inlet Plumbing

AHR100-1 GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 100′ x 3/8″ maximum

AHR200-1 GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 200′ x 3/8″ maximum

AHR250-1 Hosetract Heavy Duty Hose Reel with Hardware, 250′ x 3/8″ maximum

AHR250-3 Titan S.S. Hose Reel with Hardware, 250′ x 3/8″ maximum

GX630 Model Only: CCK006 Remote 6 Gal. Poly Fuel Tank w/ Carbon Canister-California Compliant Upgrade


AST-100 with AHR250

39” W X 62” L X 44” H (W/O HOSE REEL)

39” W X 62” L X 31” H

AST-200 with AHR250

49” W X 62” L X 53” H (w/o hose reel)

49” W X 62” L X 40” H

Call factory for more configurations


Ready to Work - Fully Tested and Assembled in the USA