Pressure-Pro, Inc. Introduces a New Line of Hot Pressure Washers

High pressure washer manufacturer, Pressure-Pro, Inc., announced that they have introduced new hot water pressure washers to their line known as the HN series. This change will replace the Pro-SGF series. The HN series are stationary high power hot pressure washers that are powered by electricity and heated by your choice of natural gas, propane or diesel. This allows the user to install indoors and have hot water on demand in their facility wash bay.

The HN series offers a clean and efficient heating system with a durable frame construction and a 24-volt automatic, electronic ignition on low emission natural gas burner. Liquid Propane conversion option or diesel heated option is available on any model. They also showcase a bypass cool system which protects the pump from overheating if left on after use. Each machine offers easy to remove panels on an open frame design with open backside which gives the user full access to all components, including EZ Align™ belt tensioning system, electrical box, and burner igniter for efficient preventative maintenance checks.

Standard Features:
• Detergent flow metering at full pressure
• Heavy duty industrial motor with standard thermal overload protection.
• Adjustable temperature up to 250°F with steam setting
• Burst disc technology for operator safety
• Rustproof float tank to regulate incoming water ensuring consistent system performance
• Heavy duty hose, wand, and trigger gun and quick connect nozzles
• Remote Ready: Choose an on/off timer remote option or a full function remote option for
complete control from the wash site.

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