COVID-19 & The Power of Hot Water Cleaning

Hot Water Pressure Washers in Miami FL

Find an incredible selection of hot water pressure washers in Miami FL

There are many cleaning projects that can be completed with nothing more than a garden hose and a little elbow grease. But what about those projects that need more power? Or projects that are large enough that you may just run out of elbow grease? For those cases, there is no better option for outdoor cleaning than hot water pressure washers in Miami FL.

At Pressure-Pro we offer an incredible selection of gas power washers, diesel power washers, and electric power washers. No matter how they are powered, hot water pressure washers in Miami FL are strong enough to not only take over for your garden hose, but to strip away dirt, paint, and just about any substance from any surface. Are you ready to learn more? Shop our website or give us a call at 772-461-4486 with any questions.

Gas hot water pressure washers in Miami FL

When you choose a gas powered hot water pressure washer, you are choosing a portable option. These pressure washers are completely powered by gas, which means there are not cords following you and nothing holding you back from taking the washer anywhere you need it. They are great choices for large areas and are designed for outdoor use. You can use a gas hot water pressure washer for cleaning dirt and debris from any surface, or for more heavy-duty applications like removing paint.

Diesel hot water pressure washers in Miami FL

You will not find a pressure washer designed for a longer life and taking on the toughest jobs than a diesel pressure washer. They are perfect for getting rid of grease and grime, for ridding surfaces of oil and paint, and even for those seemingly impossible projects like getting rid of gum or graffiti. We recommend using the diesel water pressure washer in outdoor cleaning applications.

Electric hot water pressure washers in Miami FL

The electric hot water pressure washers you’ll find when you shop with Pressure-Pro can be used indoors even in unventilated areas, such as a garage, kitchen, or basement. The electric motor works the same way an electric motor works in your car or other application. We measure the strength in horsepower and voltage, which come together to give you a total amp level. The higher it is, the more power it has.

Many people choose electric hot water pressure washers because they are quieter compared to gas powered machines. The fact that they have unlimited fuel as long as they are plugged in also makes them a great choice for bigger projects.