COVID-19 & The Power of Hot Water Cleaning

Hot Water Pressure Washers in Philadelphia PA

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There are many cleaning projects that can be completed with nothing more than a garden hose and a little elbow grease. But what about those projects that need more power? Or projects that are large enough that you may just run out of elbow grease? For those cases, there is no better option for outdoor cleaning than hot water pressure washers in Philadelphia PA.

At Pressure-Pro we offer an incredible selection of gas power washers, diesel power washers, and electric power washers. No matter how they are powered, hot water pressure washers in Philadelphia PA are strong enough to not only take over for your garden hose, but to strip away dirt, paint, and just about any substance from any surface. Are you ready to learn more? Shop our website or give us a call at 772-461-4486 with any questions.

Gas hot water pressure washers in Philadelphia PA

Portability is one of the biggest selling points of choosing a gas hot water pressure washer. Unlike an electric power washer that has cords which prevent it from being easily moved, it can be used without a power source nearby. It is a powerful choice that can get rid of dirt, debris – you name it. The only disadvantage is that it is only suited for outdoor use. Why? Because the gas creates fumes that are dangerous in an unventilated place.

Diesel hot water pressure washers in Philadelphia PA

If longevity is the most important factor to you when choosing a hot water pressure washer, then a diesel option may be the best choice. They are exceptional at blasting through grease, grime, and oil. They can strip paint from just about any surface. They can even make quick work of gum and stubborn graffiti. As is true of the gas hot water pressure washers, we recommend using the diesel options on outdoor projects only.

Electric hot water pressure washers in Philadelphia PA

When it comes to an electric hot water pressure washer, one of the biggest advantages is that it can be used inside and in an area that is not ventilated. For example, they are often used in bathrooms, basements, or garages. These electric motors are just like other electric motors – strength is measured in horsepower, and then combined with voltage, which gives you a watt rating. The higher it is, the more power the unit has.

There are numerous other advantages to choosing an electric power washer, including the fact that they are much quieter than gas-powered options and, as long as they are plugged into a working electrical outlet, they can run virtually forever without refueling.