Very Fast & Helpful

Mike Martin Manager

Pressure-Pro has helped us to grow our business, Pressure Products Inc., by approximately 25%. We would recommend Pressure-Pro because of their quality products and because they are well stocked on parts.

Pressure-Pro machines are easy to service.

We have also found that we receive their product very fast which helps us with our customer needs.

Awesome Service

Justin King Vice President

Pressure Pro has been pivotal in the growth of our company. They have an extensive product line that allowed us to consolidate our purchasing, and simplify our operation. They manufacture a high-quality product at an exceptional price, which has improved our bottom line, and helped us retain more customers. Along with offering great products and prices, Pressure Pro has a top-notch sales and customer service staff that always seems to go above and beyond. What’s most impressive about Pressure Pro is the speed at which they are able to fill orders, and the accuracy in which they do it.

High Quality Products

Jonathan Conner Owner

Pressure-Pro products have helped our company, North Georgia Airless, to sell high quality products that allow us to be not only competitive in the marketplace but also have helped us to grow our business. North Georgia Airless pressure washer and accessory sales have grown exponentially since we have brought on the Pressure-Pro line.

Pressure-Pro’s ability to build non-stocking machines in a very tight time frame when we need them fast has been what has made us the most happy about their service. Our inside sales rep has also exceeded our expectations by providing outstanding customer service.

Quick Considering

Mark Mauer Owner

Mauer Supply, Inc. has distributed Pressure-Pro Pressure Washers since the fall of 2008. We have found, the Quality design, manufacture, and parts used in manufacturing, make for easy to use and very dependable Pressure Washers. With the wide variety of models available we are able to find the right pressure washer for our customers cleaning needs. Our customers have highly demanded the Mauer Magnum cold water, Mauer Maxim hot water, Stationary models, and the Hot Boxes that Pressure-Pro supplies to us. WE have found that most models are in stock when placing orders and delivery to be reasonably quick considering the distance from Pressure-Pro’s location in Florida to our location in Iowa. We have found the Pressure-Pro Pressure Washer easy to service at a reasonable cost to the customer when service is needed.

Mauer Supply, Inc. has been a Pressure Washers distributor for 38 years and have found the Pressure-Pro Pressure Washers to be very dependable. We have had many machines that have not had a service issue since we sold them back in 2009! That tells you the Quality of The Pressure-Pro pressure washer.

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