Bio-Security in Agriculture: You Don’t Have to Choose Between a Sanitary Operation and Sustainability

Bio-Security in Agriculture

Too often, those who run agricultural operations assume that they have to make difficult decisions that don’t actually need to be made. For example, if you are under the mistaken impression that you have to decide if you want your property to be sanitary or if you want to follow sustainable practices, you are in for good news: Hot water pressure washing can give you both.

Lower Resource Consumption Makes Hot Water Pressure Washer Use Sustainable

Most people wash their dishes with hot water – and for a good reason. This is the best way to get dishes as clean as possible as quickly as possible. The same is true of hot water pressure washer usage. If you use hot water, you will get the surface area cleaner faster than you would with a cold water pressure washer.

How much faster? According to one test we conducted with the Cleaning Technology Institute, hot water lowered cleaning times by an average of 40% across the board. When the surface was greasy or oily, hot water cleaning was as much as four times as efficient compared to cold water. This means a 75% drop in cleaning time.

Get Back to Work More Quickly with Hot Water

Not only does hot water get the surface clean much more quickly, but it also dries faster. Some surfaces, such as certain types of flooring, must be 100% dry before you can allow workers or customers to walk on them. If they are washed with hot water, they will be dry much faster than if they are washed with cold water. The same is true no matter the surface, whether it’s the side of your property or the handles of grocery carts.

Use Less Water with the Right Pressure Washer

When you use the right pressure washer for the job, you use less water. Why? Because you clean faster and the faster you clean, the less water you use. Consider that, on average, for every 264 gallons of water needed with a cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washers can save around 106 gallons.

Use Less Energy with the Right Pressure Washer

Just as you will use less water if you are using your washer for less time, you will also use less energy. This is true whether you have a gas-powered pressure washer or an electric-powered pressure washer. Reduce your expenses and your carbon footprint by using the right pressure washer.

Use Fewer Chemicals

It is often the case that using hot water is all that’s need to get rid of dirt and other grime. If you are sanitizing and disinfecting you will want to use a product for that, but still – reducing the cleaning chemicals is a step in the right direction.

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