Bio-Security in the Time of COVID-19: Learn Why Pressure Washing Should Be an Integral Part of Your Plans

Bio-Security in the Time of COVID-19

Companies are doing everything they can to survive the necessary changes that have been made as a result of COVID-19. At Pressure-Pro, we offer a wide range of pressure washing options that are essential as part of your bio-security response to COVID. Continue reading to discover why pressure washing is so important and then contact us at 772-461-4486 to learn more.

It is Essential to Clean More, Clean Faster, and Clean More Efficiently

Any bio-security response that involves cleaning should likely involve pressure washers. Using pressure washers allows you to clean more surfaces, to clean those surfaces faster, and to clean those surfaces more efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning floors, shopping carts, or agricultural equipment, you can trust that hot water is one of the most important tools you have.

Enjoy Three Big Benefits When You Use Hot Water Cleaning

When you choose hot water pressure washers, you can enjoy three main benefits:

  1. Efficient, better, and faster cleaning results
  2. Reduced bacteria and virus counts, along with better overall hygiene
  3. Lower resource consumption compared to other cleaning methods

Think of it like this: Do you clean your dishes at home with hot water or cold water? If you are like most people, you use the hottest water you can stand because it simply cleans faster and better.

Hot Water Can Reduce Cleaning Times by As Much as 40%

We worked with the Cleaning Technology Institute to test both hot and cold water pressure washers. While cold water pressure washers have their applications, across all applications hot water reduced cleaning times. On average, the reduction was about 40% but in other cases, specifically those that involved oils, hot water cleaning was four times as effective for a total reduction of 75% of cleaning time.

Not only do your surfaces get cleaner, but the hot water helps lower the time said surfaces need to dry, which means you can end up with usable surfaces much faster

Take Advantage of the “One-Two Cleaning Punch”

The “one-two cleaning punch” refers to cleaning and then sanitizing. This is the best way to clean hard surfaces to stop germs, viruses, and bacteria from spreading. How well you can sanitize will depend on how well you have accomplished the first step – cleaning.

Once again, heat is important here. Cold water has been shown to have no impact on bacteria, while 140-degree water can reduce bacteria by 90%. When you get up to 176 degrees, bacteria colonies are reduced by 97% and 311 degrees will rid you of them entirely. Note as well that COVID-19 can be inactivated when exposed to a temperature of 133 degrees.

If you are ready to learn more about the many options available to you, we welcome your call to Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486. With our years of experience, we can find the right choice for your needs.

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