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The 3 Main Types of Hot Water Pressure Washers: Which is Right for Your Needs?

The 3 Main Types of Hot Water Pressure Washers: Which is Right for Your Needs?

If you are just beginning to shop for hot water pressure washers, then you may very well be overwhelmed. After all, there are so many options that it can seem impossible to understand them all and choose the best. The good news is that Pressure-Pro is here with the selection you need, along with the experience and customer service to help you decide which option is right for you. Read on and then contact us at 772-461-4486 or if you have questions.

Start by clarifying what you want from your hot water pressure washers

We will go over the three main types of hot water pressure washers, including gas, diesel, and electric, but first we want to encourage you to understand the specifics of what you are looking for. You know that you need more power than you would get form a garden hose, but how big is your project? How often do you plan to use your equipment? Where do you think you will use it? Does it need to be powerful? Answer these questions and then read on to make a final decision for your needs.

What to expect from gas hot water pressure washers

Our gas-powered pressure washers require less time and effort than others. This means that they work faster and more efficiently and are a great choice for large areas and for use outdoors. You can use them for just about any cleaning purpose you can imagine, including peeling paint, cleaning dirt and debris, and getting rid of grease and grime.

One of the main advantages of the gas powered pressure washer – other than its maximum cleaning capacity – is the fact that it is entirely portable. There are no cords involved, which means you can take it on the road, put it on a pressure washer trailer, and otherwise use it in many areas. However, note that you should never use one of these gas power washers in an area that is unventilated as it does give off fumes.

What to expect from diesel power washers

If engine life is one of the most important factors you consider when choosing hot water pressure washers, then a diesel unit may be the best choice for you. It can also handle the toughest, most stubborn jobs. Are you dealing with grease that you can’t get rid of? Get diesel. Are you paint stripping or removing gum? A diesel power washer can handle just about any job.

What to expect from electric power washers

One of the biggest advantages of these hot water pressure washers is the fact that they can be used in unventilated areas. For example, they can be used to clean within a garage, kitchen, or basement. However, they do have cords and they must be plugged into an electric outlet. This can make them less portable than other options.

How to Shop for the Best and Most Affordable Pressure Washer Parts

How to Shop for the Best and Most Affordable Pressure Washer Parts

When you are in need of pressure washer parts, there are a number of factors to consider. At Pressure-Pro we want to make the process as simple as possible. Read on to learn how we’re doing that and then reach out to us at 772-461-4486 or reach us at with any questions.

Choose a company that offers all the parts you need

The last thing you want is to be forced to work with half a dozen companies just to get the various pressure washer parts you are in need of. Instead, work with a company that carries a huge selection of brands, parts, and more. This is what you will find with Pressure-Pro.

Shop for pressure washer parts online

Of course, if you want the best possible selection of anything, you are likely to have the most success shopping online. Pressure washer parts are no exception. When you shop online, it’s easy to see if a part is compatible with your pressure washer, what its specs are, and what other options are. Shopping online also allows you to compare prices and options. In short, it is the fastest and easiest option.

You need a company who will offer exceptional service

Unfortunately, too many consumers accept that shopping online is convenient but it necessarily means that they cannot have good customer service. You will be glad to know that at Pressure-Pro we work tirelessly to ensure that you not only get great prices and plenty of options, but you get great customer service as well. In fact, we have two locations in the United States, one on each coast. This means that no one is all the way across the country from our location.

Don’t wait for your parts

Who wants to wait weeks or months for pressure washer parts? We do not accept that you have to. The fact that we have two offices, one on each coast, helps us to significantly increase shipping speed to many customers.

You want a mix of trusted parts and new innovations

Some of the most purchased parts over the year got that reputation for a reason – they are good brands and good parts. We are sure to carry these, such as the Slap Happy plumbed pumps. On the other hand, we also know that we live in an age where constant improvements and innovations are constantly making it to the market. We are sure to keep up on those options to.

The bottom line as you shop for pressure washer parts is that you need the power of choice. You need to have options, you need to have value, and you need quality. You will find all this and more when you choose Pressure-Pro.

Electric Pressure Washers Are Great for Many Buyers: Are You One of Them?

Electric Pressure Washers Are Great for Many Buyers: Are You One of Them?

As you shop for the right pressure washer, you have three main options to consider: Electric pressure washers, gas pressure washers, and diesel pressure washers. At Pressure-Pro we offer a wide range of all types of pressure washers and we do not believe that any particular one model or type is best for every project or need.

That said, each project or need has one power washer that’s right for it. It may be that electric power washers are the right choice for your needs. Read on to learn more about this option and then feel free to reach out to us at 772-461-4486 or if you need assistance.

Pro: Great for cleaning

One of the most important things to know about electric power washers is that they are excellent for cleaning. That said, remember that this is not the same thing as stain removal. If you are looking for a heavier duty pressure washer to strip paint, then you should look elsewhere.

Con: It takes longer to clean with them

They do not have the same level of pressure you will get with an electric or gas option, which means that it does take longer to clean with them. This may not be an issue if you are using it clean your back deck, but could be an issue if you need a pressure washer to clean a commercial building.

Pro: They are quiet and relatively light

If you are worried about how loud power washers can get, then electric pressure washers are definitely the choice for you. The fact that they do not have gas engines means that they run much more quietly. Likewise, the lack of a gas engine makes them much more lightweight than other options. If you plan to take your power washer on the go, then an electric option is much easier to carry.

Con: Your available area of cleaning is reduced

When you choose electric power washers, you can use them within a cords-length of a power outlet. Even if you find an electric outlet near the area you need to clean, it will only work as far as the cord goes. Note that the hose for an average power washer is around 25 – 30 feet and the average power cord is around 35 feet.

Pro: They are more affordable

Electric pressure washers are more affordable for a number of reasons. First, they are less expensive to buy when you are shopping for a pressure washer. Second, they require almost no maintenance, which can save money on the long-term cost of running it. Finally, they do not require expensive parts and other upcharges.

What power washer is right for you? Contact Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 to get help choosing an option from the professionals.

Do Not Buy Industrial Pressure Washers if They Don’t Include These Elements

Do Not Buy Industrial Pressure Washers if They Don’t Include These Elements

What is the most important thing to look for when shopping for industrial pressure washers? Price? Power? Usage? All of these are important factors but there are many more. Read on to learn about the most important elements you must insist on when buying a commercial pressure washer. Then shop with Pressure-Pro, give us a call at 772-461-4486, or email us at .

You need a power level that works for your needs

If you are looking for industrial pressure washers that can offer truly intensive cleaning then gas pressure washers are likely the right choice. One made for regular use can get up to around 3,100 PSI but industrial power washers can get over 5,000 PSI.

That said, remember that more power isn’t always what you’re looking for. If you get a machine that has more power than necessary, not only are you wasting money on a more expensive unit, but you are increasing the likelihood of damaging furniture, paint, etc. Do get a higher PSI model if you need – but only if you need.

Choose industrial pressure washers that don’t require too much maintenance

It’s true that gas power washers are the strongest, most powerful option, but they also require the most service and maintenance. On the other hand, while an electric model does not offer the power you’d find with an industrial option, it does not have significant maintenance needs. They are strong enough for most household jobs, though they may not be right for industrial use.

It’s essential that you can adjust water spray

There are two options for adjuster water pressure and scope – you can either use an adjustable spray nozzle or you can change your spray tip. Either way, you can closely adjust the pressure to get anything from a light fan-like spray that won’t harm a painted surface to a truly high-powered blast that can take on even the most stubborn of grime.

You need to be able to set up and use industrial pressure washers

It can be easy to move a pressure washer – but you must ensure you buy one that has what’s needed. For example, if you plan to move your pressure washer regularly, then you will want it to have large wheels as well as a storage spot for the power code, water hose, and trigger. If you do not have these elements then you can expect a much more complicated moving process.

We have the selection you need of industrial pressure washers

Now that you know what you need, you are ready to look at your options. The good news is that at Pressure-Pro we offer a huge variety. If you need assistance deciding what works best for you or what accessories you may need, feel free to reach out at 772-461-4486 or .

Diesel Pressure Washers: How Do They Hold Up Against Other Options?

Diesel Pressure Washers: How Do They Hold Up Against Other Options?

The good news is that there are so many options in pressure washers that you are virtually guaranteed to find exactly what you need. The downside is that there are so many options you may have trouble deciding on how.

At Pressure-Pro we offer all the main options, including gas, electric, and diesel pressure washers. Read on to learn more about diesel options. Hopefully this will help you narrow down your options but remember that we are always here to help! Call us at 772-461-4486 or email us at .

Diesel pressure washers are a good choice if you need a powerful machine

If you are planning to use your pressure washer to clean gentle grime off your home’s deck a few times a year, then you may not need the power you get with diesel power washers. However, I you need something with serious PSI then a diesel engine is a great choice. Interestingly, there may be more advantages to higher PSI than just more power:

  • More powerful pressure washers tend to have higher performance ratings.
  • The more powerful a power washer is, the faster it can clean.
  • They are available with more parts and attachments to assure a customized experience.

Diesel pressure washers are mobile

One of the main reasons that a person may choose a gas or diesel pressure washer is because they are great for cleaning in remote areas or other spaces where there are no electric outlets. In fact, they can even be used in an entirely remote area. If you want power and you need portability, then diesel may be the choice for you.

There are a few downsides

Of course, while there are many things to appreciate about a diesel pressure washer, there are some drawbacks. First, the fact that it uses diesel means that it gives off fumes. As a result, you cannot use these pressure washers in enclosed spaces. This makes it a poor choice for some.

Second, diesel pressure washers only work as long as they are well maintained. When you compare this to electric power washers, which require little to no maintenance, it can not only be an inconvenience but a costly affair.

The fact that it relies on gas also means that it will only work as long as you have diesel in it. An electric model can run virtually forever, as long as it has power, but this is not the case with a diesel option. Once you run out of diesel fuel, you can no longer use the unit.

There is no such thing as a perfect pressure washer but there is a right one for each situation. If you believe that diesel pressure washers are the right choice for you, contact Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 and let us provide you with the exceptional service, large selection, and expert advice you need.

Ask Yourself These Essential Questions Before Choosing Professional Pressure Washers

Ask Yourself These Essential Questions Before Choosing Professional Pressure Washers

If you are beginning the process of buying professional power washers then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of questions you will want to answer for yourself before choosing the right model. If you have additional questions after reading, then please reach out to Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 or for help.

How much power do you really need?

This is the biggest question and the fact of the matter is that many buyers aren’t sure how to answer it. They want enough power to get their job done, but they don’t want to overpay. But how do they know what enough power is? Or what a fair price is?

The best way to know how much power you need is to consider what you’ll be using professional power washers for. If you need a ton of power then you can get an option with up to 5,000 PSI but this will be the most expensive option and it is not necessary for most needs. For example, a homeowner looking for a unit for big cleaning jobs would likely not need more than 3,000 PSI. if you are not sure of what levels you need, contact us and we can help.

Are you going to need multiple spray tips?

If you intend to use your professional pressure washers for a variety of tasks, some of which are light-duty and some of which are heavy-duty, then you may need numerous spray tips to ensure you can get the right water pressure for any job you need. However, if you are in the business of using power washers for just one need, such as cleaning the exterior of homes, then you will likely need just one adjustable nozzle.

How likely are you to complete maintenance?

As is true of cars, a gas pressure washer is going to require maintenance. This can include checking the oil, changing the oil, changing spark plugs, etc. If you do not believe that you or your staff is likely to take on this maintenance then you may want to choose an electric model instead.

Is portability important?

Do you plan to use your professional power washers in a variety of places? Will you use it indoors? If you are going to be using it as a mobile cleaning device then you will need a lightweight model. If you are going to use it indoors then you do not want a gas model, as they can only be used in ventilated areas. If you will be moving it from location to location then a truck mounted professional power washer may be the right choice.

As you can see, you have nothing but choices when it comes to shopping for pressure washers. You will appreciate the huge selection available from Pressure-Pro. Reach out to us today if you need assistance.

Are Cold Water Pressure Washers the Right Choice for You?

Are Cold Water Pressure Washers the Right Choice for You?

With so many options in the pressure washer market, it is likely that you are wondering about the differences between cold water pressure washers and hot water pressure washers – and which is right for your needs. The truth is that there is no pressure washer that is perfect for 100% of people or companies.

For this reason, Pressure-Pro is proud to offer a huge selection of cold water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, pressure washer trailers, and everything else you need. That said, we know that many people are not certain which choices are right for their needs. You can always contact us at 772-461-4486 for individual help. In the meantime, you can read on to learn about some of the reasons that cold water pressure washers are often such a great choice.

The biggest advantage: Cold water pressure washers are affordable

When it comes down to it, the top reason that most people who choose a cold water pressure washer over a hot one have a single reason: It’s the most affordable option. Cold water pressure washers are much more affordable not just to purchase but to continue to run and maintain as well. For this reason, they are a good choice if your top priority is price and if you do not believe you will use your pressure washer enough to justify a much higher price.

They are much simpler in construction

Due to the fact that they do not need to include a heating element, a cold water pressure washer is much simpler in construction compared to hot water pressure washers. This means that there are fewer parts that could be damaged or break down – which means a longer lifespan for your cold water pressure washer – and it also means less maintenance.

Cold water pressure washers are the most portable option

Compared to hot water options, cold water pressure washers are much more practical in part because they are much smaller. This makes them easier to move around, which is great for anyone who needs a portable pressure washer. It also means that they can be more easily used by people with less strength. As a result, they are often the choice for nonprofessionals.

The right detergent can help get rid of many substances

With a cold water option used without detergent, the entire cleaning process is due to pressurized water jets dislodging dirt form the surface. Many impurities can be broken down with nothing more than this force. However, if you have something that is oily or greasy, then a detergent may be needed. While it is true that some materials need to be removed with hot water, the right detergent can make a cold water unit extremely useful.

To find out more about what type of pressure washer you need, and to shop an enormous collection, please reach out to Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 and let us help us help you find what you need.