COVID-19 & The Power of Hot Water Cleaning

Following These Simple Eight Steps Will Eliminate or Significantly Reduce Germs on Poultry Farms

Following These Simple Eight Steps Will Eliminate or Significantly Reduce Germs on Poultry Farms

There may never have been more discussion of the germs that can live and spread in poultry farms. At Pressure-Pro we know that farmers want to find ways to protect their workers, their industry, and their customers. By following these simple eight steps, you can eliminate or, at a minimum, significantly reduce germs on your farm.

  1. Have a Plan
    Before you begin, look at your surroundings. Look at the dirt and bacteria you are cleaning. Ask yourself if you will be able to use hot water pressure washers, or if another type of specialty pressure washer will be needed. Consider the disinfectants and cleaners you will need to get the job done the way you want it done.
  2. Determine the Right Cleaning Pressure
    No two jobs are identical. Depending on the surfaces you are cleaning, the amount of dirt and other grime you are dealing with, will determine the right pressure level to get rid of everything.
  3. Determine the Right Temperature
    The hotter the water is, the more bacteria and germs it can kill. As the water gets hotter, germs will begin to breakdown. Generally speaking, temperatures of 185 – 212 F can make a big difference in the amount of bacteria colonies, but you will need temperatures of up to 311 F to get rid of germs entirely.
  4. Choose the Right Detergent
    You will need a detergent that is complementary to the job you are trying to do. You will also need to consider local and statewide recommendations on what ingredients should be avoided. Once you have chosen your detergent, soak the surface with it to break down any tough-to-kill layers of dirt and waste.
  5. Rinse the Surface
    After the detergent has had time to soak in, rinse the surface off with hot water or steam. Get rid of as much dirt and waste as you possibly can. Certain units can heat water to 284 degrees F, which vaporizes the water for wet steam pressure washing. This can work toward sterilization of the surface.
  6. Apply Your Disinfectants
    Cleaning is important but it is not enough to get the surface entirely disinfected. Choose the right disinfectant while keeping in mind the type of surface you are cleaning, the type of bacteria you want to eliminate, and local and statewide rules.
  7. Choose the Right End-Tools
    Depending on the job, you may need additional accessories such as lances, sprayers, and nozzles. If you are not sure what is required for your particular job, contact Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 and let us help you.
  8. Let the Surface Dry
    Leave the surface to dry completely. Do not open it up to new livestock or even human passage until it is dry. If you do so, you will be risking hygiene and safety issues.

These are the top eight tips we have to get your poultry farm as sanitized as possible. Do you have questions about the process or how to get the right equipment? Call Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 for help.

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