Learn the Most Common Bio Security Risks and Where They Come From

Most companies who have high bio-security risks have those risks not because they do not care about their workers or customers but because they are not sure where the risk or are what to do about them. At Pressure-Pro we have outlined the key biosecurity risks so you can protect your business, your workers, and your family. Then contact us at 772-461-4486 to learn how pressure washers can help you reduce or eliminate these risks.

Transferring Animals from One Area or Site to Another

Anytime you are transferring animals from one place to another, you are running a risk. Why? Because if one or more of those animals are diseased, they could be passing their disease on to all the animals in the new area. That is why a good biosecurity plan focuses not just on preventing disease in the first place but on preventing the spread of that disease as well.

Dead Animals

No matter how an animal dies, it can pass disease after its death. This could be the disease that killed it, an underlying disease you were not aware of, or disease from another animal or parasite that takes advantage of the dead animal. These are just a few of the reasons that you should remove dead animals as soon as possible and thoroughly sanitize the area in which they died.

Wild Animals and Vermin

If your facility has an infestation of wild animals, rodents, or insects, they can bring disease with them. In fact, this is how the black plague was most likely transferred from one person to another. Again, a good biosecurity plan cannot be limited to keeping things clean – it must also include ways to keep undesirables of all types away from the animals.


Of course, people who come onto your farm are a risk as well. This can be your staff, visitors, or vendors. If possible, create pickup and drop-off spots so vendors can drop off items without coming onto your farm. Create a specific and required protocol for your staff to wash their hands and sanitize before they come into contact with the animals.

Vehicles and Other Equipment Coming from Other Sites

If you share equipment with a nearby farm, it may make sense on a financial level but could also be putting your entire operation at risk. If the farm you share the equipment with becomes contaminated, that contamination could come to your farm via that machinery. This is true of trucks and other vehicles too.

The Key is Thorough Cleaning Practices

If you want to keep your operation as safe and secure as possible, we strongly recommend creating and sticking to specific protocols that can help you through even the worst epidemic. Contact Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 if you need help finding the right power washing equipment for this purpose.

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