The Pros and Cons of Gas Pressure Washers Compared to Other Options

The Pros and Cons of Gas Pressure Washers Compared to Other Options

What is the first thing to consider when shopping for gas pressure washers? How do you compare gas options to other models? These are tough questions for anyone who does not have a lot of experience with power washers. The good news is that you have a partner to help you. At Pressure-Pro we can assist you from start to finish in ensuring you find the right gas pressure washers for your needs.

Keep reading for the basic pros and cons of gas pressure washers. Then shop our huge selection of power washers, parts, accessories, pumps, surface cleaners, and much more. If you have additional questions, please contact us at 772-461-4486 or for assistance.

Pro: You get higher pressure washer

If you are comparing gas pressure washers to electric models, then the main advantage of a gas powered washer is the fact that it offers higher pressure. This means you can clean larger areas in less time and get a more thorough cleaning. As a result, it is an easy choice for anyone who has heavy duty needs for their pressure washer.

Pro: You may not need detergent

If you choose a hot water option, then you can clean most substances from most surfaces without the use of chemicals. For example, clean off your deck, siding, or driveway without chemicals. Get rid of gum, tree sap, and mildew. While an electric power washer is not likely to have enough power to handle all of these issues, most gas powered pressure washers do.

Con: They are heavy and noisy

When you compare gas pressure washers to electric pressure washers, the gas version is going to be much louder. This makes it a potentially poor choice for someone who lives in a residential area and plans to use their unit regularly. They are also much heavier than an electric unit, which can make them a poor choice if you will need to move it regularly.

Con: They require maintenance

As is true of any machine that uses a gas engine, there is maintenance involved when you own gas pressure washers. They do require tune ups, oil changes, etc. If they idle for a long time, the pump can become overheated and the safety valves will have to kick in. If you’re using your washer in a cold part of the country, then you will need to winterize it on account of the fact that you cannot use or store these units indoors.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to choosing gas pressure washers. Are they the right choice for you? That depends on a number of factors. What is certainly true is that no matter if you are looking for gas or electric, Pressure-Pro has the selection you are looking for. You can also reach us directly if you need help choosing the right model. Just call us at 772-461-4486 or email us at .

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