These Are the Focus Areas for Improving Bio Security and Reducing Risks in the Agricultural Industry

These Are the Focus Areas for Improving Bio Security and Reducing Risks in the Agricultural Industry

One of the reasons it is often so intimidating to find ways to boost bio-security and reduce risks for those in the agricultural industry is the fact that many people simply do not know where to start. That is why Pressure-Pro is here to present the focus areas you can look at to help reduce your risks and stay safe in these difficult times.

Keep Farms and Livestock Areas Separate

Your livestock areas and farm area must be kept far away from each other. At a minimum, make sure you are meeting local recommend distances between livestock areas and breeding areas. This is essential for safety, cleanliness, and hygiene.

Consider Natural Water Sources

It may seem good to have a natural water source on the property, but consider that this water source can attract wild animals and birds. This can cause contamination in many different ways, especially if you are dealing with free-range breeding on your property.

You Must Have Separate Routes for Ingoing and Outgoing

Your farm layout must have ramps and line connections specifically for loading, and unloading areas that allow you to avoid direct contact with vehicles and other sensitive zones. When you engage in deep cleaning, do so separately for ingoing and outgoing routes so that they do not contaminate each other.

Ensure Clear Zones to Separate Controlled Access Zones and Restricted Zones

If you have different zones at your farm, such as zones that are only accessible to employees and zones that are restricted to owners only, it is important that you keep these areas completely separate from one another. This requires clear lines of separation with different gates, fences, and more. Good gates and fences can also ensure that wild animals cannot enter your property.

Vehicle Washing Stations Should Be Set Up Away from Livestock

One of the most common ways that an agricultural site can become infested is via vehicles that come and go from the site. We recommend a vehicle washing area that is located away from the livestock. This helps to greatly reduce the chance of wind-born droplets getting to barns, sheds, and other areas that could result in livestock access.

Verify Feed, Bedding, and Water

You likely looked into the feed, bedding, and water you use when you decided on a purveyor, but when is the last time you have inspected supplier certifications? Now is a good time to verify them and ensure that you are still working with the best vendors in the area.

When it comes to sanitization vendors, remember that choosing the right pressure washer and pressure washer equipment is an important part of keeping your agricultural site safe. If you need help deciding on what to invest in, you can contact Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 for an honest assessment.

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