What to Look for When Shopping for Commercial Pressure Washers

What to Look for When Shopping for Commercial Pressure Washers

As you shop for the perfect commercial pressure washers for your unique needs, what are the most important things to look for? This can be a tough question to answer. You know that you need a strong piece of equipment that is going to help your business thrive – but what do you need?

It wasn’t long ago that your options were limited by the available selection in your local store. Today you can shop for hot and cold water pressure washers from companies that offer just about every pressure washer you can imagine. You can compare models at your convenience and even get advice from experience pros by calling Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486. Read on to get the basics and then reach out for help with your unique needs.

Start by considering your main options

It doesn’t matter what your business is, what your budget is, or what your needs are, you will have three main options: Electric, gas, and mounted. There is no specific option in this list that is better for all needs. At Pressure-Pro we are proud to offer all of these options and many more. However, read on to get the basics of each of these three common choices to see if you can find the right choice for your needs.

Electric commercial pressure washers

If you have very specific needs then an electric commercial pressure washer may be the best choice as it provides more options compared to the others listed. For example, you can find electric models that are hot or cold, handheld, and even trailer mounted. One of the biggest pros of choosing one of these options is that they can be used indoors, which makes them the only choice for a kitchen, restaurant, meat-packer, etc. If you just need to clean then cold water is likely enough but if you also want to sanitize, then hot water commercial pressure washers are likely a better option.

Gas commercial pressure washers

There are numerous options within the category of gas commercial pressure washers, including hot water, cold water, and belt-driven. They are often chosen by those in industries that need to clean agricultural equipment, for large home cleaning, or for any major cleaning task. Gas pressure washers are built for heavy usage so they can take it all.

Vehicle-mount pressure washers

If you are willing to accept nothing less than the biggest, best commercial pressure washer on the market, then you are rea looking for a vehicle-mounted pressure washer. You can get a trailer mounted unit, which we offer, or you can mount a unit directly to your own pickup. This means you can clean anything you can drive up to. It’s true that these are the most expensive option but that’s because they offer the power needed for cleaning commercial buildings and other large structures.

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