Why is Cleaning One of the Most Important Aspects of the Bio Security Process in Agriculture?

Why is Cleaning One of the Most Important Aspects of the Bio Security Process in Agriculture?

As you consider your many responsibilities for bio-security in the agricultural field, one factor to consider is cleaning. But why is it so important? You likely know the obvious reason but there are some surprise benefits that you may not be aware of. Keep reading to learn about them and then contact Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 to learn about solutions to cleaning problems.

Focus on Cleaning Both Indoors and Outdoors

When you are working to clean and disinfect your farm, make sure you are considering everything both inside and outside. This includes all vehicles you use on the farm, all transport vehicles, and all waste disposal equipment. For example, wash plates should be placed in an effort to ensure that the disinfection of tires is done on both incoming and outgoing vehicles.

You should place wash bays and wash areas away from your livestock areas. This helps prevent contamination that could otherwise be caused by spray if the wind works just right. Each time you are done loading and unloading animals, the vehicles used should be thoroughly cleaned

Route Cleaning Prevents Buildup

When you clean the routes between buildings, you can help to avoid the buildup of waste, dirt, and animal feed – all of which could attract vermin and even dangerous feral animals. If you engage in regular, mechanical, high-quality cleaning practices with the right products, you can lower the risk of contamination by wild animals.

Separate Black from White Areas

One of the most helpful ways to think of your cleaning is to separate needs into black and white areas. Then use different cleaning equipment for each white and black area, use disinfection mats and hygiene sluices between these zones and between these entrances. Always lean the white areas before the black, and leave all the tools and equipment you used in the right zone.

White areas include:

  • Walls
  • Showers
  • Floors
  • Locker rooms

These can be cleaned with steam cleaners and wet and dry vacs.

Black areas include:

  • Changing rooms
  • Administration areas
  • Sties
  • Barns
  • Stables

For these areas, use high-pressure washers, small floor care, and detergents.

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Indoor Cleaning is Essential Too

Of course, cleaning indoor areas is essential too. Pressure washing helps keep indoor areas hygienic too. This can include poultry barns, egg facilities, animal sheds, pigsties, and other areas. Create special vehicle and equipment cleaning areas outside of the buildings they will be stored in. Use hot water to help eliminated bacteria and germs.

Do You Have Questions About Pressure Washing Equipment?

If you have questions about what pressure washing equipment would be best for your needs, we strongly recommend you contact Pressure-Pro at 772-461-4486 . With years of experience, we are standing by to get you the answers you need to get the products you want.

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